Sep 18, 2009

Variations on the Circle: examining our judgments as material for the dance

laura and stu at breitenbush spring jam 2009

11am - 3pm
Saturday October 17th
@ Wild Cat Studio
Sawtooth Building,
2525 8th Street (at Dwight Way) Berkeley, CA

$35-$50 sliding scale

--a workshop for those with some or more experience of contact improvisation--

Variations on the Circle:
is a social experiment to shed light on how we have come to behave in the context of Contact Improvisation settings.

questioning how CI is passed on and exploring the boundaries of what CI can become. it draws on the frameworks of labbing/performance/theater of the oppressed/reality TV and CI classes. giving space for expanding possibilities of expression,behavior and ways of being in CI contexts.

...examining our judgments as material for the dance...
working with acknowledging, exploring, feeling, discussing, reflecting upon, and labbing around judgments of ourselves, and of our dance partners in Contact Improvisation (and in life).
what underlies the choices we make in our dances?
how do our belief systems about what is ok/not ok affect the way we are and what we choose to do in our dances?
looking at how a culture of shame (and blame) underlies the playing out of our relationships. and hopefully in the process letting go of some unnecessary judgment baggage to enable space for new possibilities, a broadening into freedom of the feeling realm, and perhaps some illuminated breakthroughs in our dancing?

the workshop will involve
- guided arriving and entering into your process of self-reflexive dance
- labbing judgment material
- 'trigger island' - facing our personal issues in art
- judgment and feeling performance lab
- sharing, discussion and other good stuff
- (emphasis on inquiry and liberty of the personal artistic)

Registration and Inquiries
to val directly on:
ph: 541 255 3660

Val Smith originates from NZ and is currently based in Eugene, OR. A devoted promoter and practitioner of Contact Improvisation, she initially came in contact with CI in 1998 as part of a Contemporary Dance degree program in NZ. Inspired by the intrinsic social politics of CI and the potential for human evolution contained in the form, Val started teaching CI in 2000 in NZ, later in Australia, and now West Coast, U.S. Her recent practice has involved playing with the interspace between feeling states in CI and energetic states in performance. From this research she has facilitated classes/labs in 2009 at WCCIF and Sierra CI Festival and presented improvisational performances in collaboration with other performers at various improvisation festivals including SFDI.
Val has a background in political street theatre, feminist performance art, contemporary dance, improvisation and physical theatre.