Apr 28, 2009

"zircon hc" 2007

dancers: sarah gavina campus and adrian smith (in photo) also cat gwynne and alana yew
choreography: val smith
Herald Theatre, Auckland, NZ
part of Generation project

'falling into feeling' contact improvisation workshops

photo: Trans-Tasman Contact Collective 4-day Contact Improvisation workshop, Auckland, NZ, 2006. Dancers - Catherine Macgill and ?

Hum Dance presents
'Falling into Feeling'
Contact Improvisation Dance Workshops
@ WOW Hall: 291 W 8th Ave, Eugene

Falling into Feeling 1 (May 31st, Sunday 1-3pm)
A Beginners Workshop in Contact Improvisation. Exploring ways into dancing through the embodiment of physics and interrelationship. Weight sharing, listening skills, authentic presence, momentum, and awareness to the dynamics of communication through touch.

Falling into Feeling 2 (June 7th, Sunday 1-3pm)
Open level workshop for beginners through to experienced dancers.
Through opening into sensitivity and receptivity we expand possibilities in our dances and develop more acute subtlety of feeling and perception. ‘Falling into Feeling’ is a Contact Improvisation class that follows a feeling of freefall with gravity guiding. The possibility of surrender into the intelligence of your body is there, allowing its dance to unfurl - a falling into focus, into presence, into an alert and relaxed physicality – inside a feeling body we experience a fuller awareness of what is.

Workshop times:
Sunday May 31st, 1-3pm & Sunday June 7th, 1-3pm

More Info:
Registration - phone(541) 255 3660
or email:thiswillalsochange@gmail.com

Cost: $15/$10 sliding scale

Facilitator: Val Smith

Val Smith is a dance artist from New Zealand, working in the fields of dance education, research and performance. Val has been teaching Contact Improvisation for 10 years in NZ, Australia and the US. She also teaches and performs Choreography, Modern Dance, Yoga and Performance Improvisation.

Contact Improvisation
Contact Improvisation is a relational dance form, interacting through the dynamics of touch/contact, energetic exchange, and the physics of movement under the guidance of the laws of nature. Cultivating skills in listening and sensing allow movement and communication to shift and change in a creative and improvisational manner.

The form emerged in the early 70s with Steve Paxton and friends and continues to evolve today. There are as many definitions of Contact as there are people who choose to define it, but it can be said that some influences include Aikido, Meditation, Postmodern Dance, and Taichi amongst other movement practices. It is usually danced as a duet but also trios, group dance and solos naturally evolve out of the exploration. Physical communication develops between two or more people in a dynamic flow, open play practice may include rolling, falling, sharing weight, counterbalance, and suspension.

"CI is a complex but very open form with infinite possibilities"
Touchdown Dance (2002)

To find more information about Contact check out:
http://www.contactimprov.com/ or http://www.contactimprov.net/about.html

there's also lots of clips on youtube:
moab jam 2007 - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CVFNIMj1u2s
contact improvisation performance @WCCIF 2008 - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zKPyJYOM9d0

"skin window"

"skin window"
solo choreography
for Dance Speak
Dunedin Fringe Festival


40 minute solo performance
collaborator - de novo - sound artist
dunedin fringe festival
@none gallery basement