Gutter Matters

Gutter matters is a protest, a dance, and an inventory of gutter-behaviours.

Gutter Matters (2014). New Performance Festival Turku, Finland.
Photo: Hannu Seppala

Gutter Matters is composed of 6 somatic queer experiments performed in the gutter to provoke perceptions of what we consider to be unclean, dirty, shameful and private.

1. Nowhere further to fall
3.Gifts from the gutter
4. Mind in the gutter
5. Meta-Gutta
6.You're draining me

An early iteration of Gutter Matters called Ecologies of the Gutter (2012) was awarded first place in the Exposure post-graduate research competition at Auckland University. This version involved performance for a black box theatre context playing with video of site experiments as a live component. Footage follows.