This is a Trans-World

Presented By Proud D.I.X.
Created By Val Smith and performed by Samiam

Old Folks Association Hall, Auckland - Friday 11.11.2011
Theatre As Is, Dunedin - 03.02.2012

                        this cloud is queering


                                                        make out corner

    'real' battle

photos mark currie lovely

An emo lecture-demonstration that reflects a subjective experience of trans-gendering and trans-relational kinds of ways. Adding to a body of work that has been exploring performance experimentations around gender performativity and the bringing together of queer thinking and somatic process in performance practice.

           are masculinities hardening games or soft realisations?

A social somatics experiment.

my obnoxious statement that 'This is a Trans-World' reflects a naive excitement around trans* thinking to fantasise about a utopic transgendering world, a genderqueer utopia. the title also reflects an attempt to embody the concept of trans as a prefix (trans-mission, trans-formation, trans-mutation, trans-cendental...) , a kind of fluid state of mind-soma, and the potentiated space of in between ness of the hyphen ( - ), a relational statement of the flow between us, performer, spectator, environment

this performance project has involved bringing together a subjective social politics and an embodied movement practice and resulted in an experimentation with genderqueer expressions at the level of sensing and feeling a shifting dynamic of shame, seeing/being seen, hope/hopelessness within a relationship between performer and spectator. etc etc

in some ways i'm just fighting against the normatives that exist in a contemporary dance culture here in Aotearoa New Zealand - where gender and sexual behaviour and preference reflect herteronorms and a white western paradigm serving to uphold the same old annoying ideals of beauty, athleticism, abled bodies etc etc that we encounter in everyday life

i desire a more expansive dance and performance culture where diverse expressions are valued and seen and respected,

           perhaps even understood...