Circle in Box

Summoning the ghosts of dance spectatorship. in situ.

Circle in Box examines microperceptual modes of engagement in choreography. Methods of affective and sensorial activation are tested to provoke acts of spectatorship. The trajectory of this performance event navigates empathic and kinesthetic modes of attunement. Circle in Box offers an immersive experience for participants, modulating the network of slowing, stilling, listening and co-presence. 

Circle in Box was developed in 2013 towards the completion of a Masters in Creative and Performing Arts (Dance) at University of Auckland. As practice led research this project the work draws on somatic, improvisational and site-oriented practices.

Performance iterations:


  • New Performance Festival Turku, Finland
  • Dunedin Fringe Festival, NZ

  • Masters choreographic research, Kennyth Myers Centre, University of Auckland
  • Caravan Series, St Paul Gallery, Auckland
  • Prime Cuts, Tempo Dance Festival, Auckland
  • West Coast Contact Improvisation Jam, Berkeley, CA

Circle in Box, New Performance Festival Turku, Finland, 2014. 
Photos: Hannu Seppala