Jan 20, 2015

Fascinating Google Translate of Circle in Box review

Review of Circle in Box, New Performance Festival Turku (2014), by Mia Hannula. A Finnish to English translation using Google Translate. 
Photo: Hannu Seppala

Viewers of the body choreography
DANCE | Turun Sanomat 03.10.2014 3:32 | 0
Val Smith: Circle in a Box. New Performance Festival in Turku presentation 1.10. The weaving mill.

New Performance Festival in Turku and Turku University of Art History visit to the lecturers Mark Harvey and Antoine Pickels opened a fantastic presentation on the performance and dance the multiple linkages. Forms of expression, association is not straightforward and not always as successful as an artist Val Smith dance going on Circle in a Box (2013-2014).

The work begins with five minutes before show time in the hall. Smith moves the tight space pakkautunutta public body, gestures and the words "toward", "cancel", "come" help. Presentation mode after the transition to the artist in the background is set to the audience, and the audience starts the presentation with the author.

Title of the work in accordance with the floor is a box, inside of which is a circle. Instinctive circuit grouping after the gentlemen begin to respond to the situation tavoillaan. Multi-sit down, a few will go down, some will not budge, while others move in ever-deformable formation.

The waiting, observing, condensing, conscious atmosphere vary to lose control and activation of the range. The apparent tapahtumattomuus is full of events.

Sensory and perceptual experience-based kinesthetic movement choreography reflects the social relations dimensions. The artist is understated, but the presence of unpredictable ways, and the viewer comprehend how one should behave. These characteristics are often considered as factors causing discomfort. The work event participants a creative adaptation to the rules but without the socially regulated the situation is fascinating.

Val Smith's works deal with the body's micro-political dimension of the theoretical thinking of taking advantage of. Circle in a Box is suitable for the analysis of the work, for example, deleuziläinen mycelium concept that makes it possible to understand the thinking and social relations, organization of programs without a dominant player. The essential happens a variety of factors between the active movement of the underground conditions.

Guided by the end of the performance the artist's back room refreshments their lives. The public debate viewers to share their experiences. Today the festival as a whole is anti perfect.


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