Jul 25, 2016

mapping a politics of queer pride and shame

Mapping threads of thought in response to Sam Orchard's call out through DPSN (diversity promotion through social networking) - for folks to talk about what pride means to them.

DPSN pride-vlog 

I am interested in the affectivity of shame, and the politics of shame in relation to performance and performance makign methodologies?

How might gay shame and somatic practices come together in a performance context? How can this open up discussion around queer and trans bodies, and the affective realities of living everyday as a visibly queer, trans and/or genderqueer person?

Are queer bodies seen to be Unworthy and Unproductive bodies?
-considered guilty for not conforming to the norm?
-who decides who/what is worthy of love?
-rejected & ostracised bodies

Why is 'Pride' so valued by mainstream LGBTQI culture, and mainstream culture generally?

WE ARE WHO WE SAY WE ARE - why identities are so important to queer communities? 
a necessary move in revaluing bodies, expressions and sexualities that are deemed wrong, not normal, dirty or shameful.

Unvalued/valued feelings

Standards of success & Failure
-Why is there such a huge stigma around shame? Are we afraid of feeling ashamed?

Brush it under the carpet, where it cannot be seen/felt.
Reclaiming the strength and power of SHAME in a performance context.
Seeing and being seen in a state of feeling ASHAMED - affective flows between performers/audience.

What do I feel proud of?
-proud of who we are?
-proud of what we do/achieve?
-proud of non-productivity? doing nothing? 
-proud of listening to my body?
-proud of respecting my boundaries?
-when i take risks, and challenge myself to do things that feel uncomfortable?
-proud of doing things that make me feel good about myself?

Not Proud - what is that?
-feeling ashamed, hateful, judging as bad/not good?

Gay Shame
-consumerism and capitalist culture...
-what does a Pride parade stand for with it's comsumerist aesthetics? 
-how does racism play a part?
-how are big businesses valued over queer activism & politics?

Secrets & Shame
-feeling like a BAD person

Pride feels like:
-warm fuzzies
-loving, embracing, supportive
-smiling and caring
-little explosions of love from teh chest

Making friends with shame
-taking the power out of it
-EMPATHIZING WITH resistance, judment, tension, blocking