May 25, 2016

This Cloud Is - final performance event for the Caroline Plummer Fellowship!

What is This cloud?

This cloud is: trillions of tiny water droplets floating around in the atmosphere as a togetherness (meta-physics)

This cloud is: a face, a fish, a plane, a horse, a heart shape (matter-physics)

This cloud is: a logical pooling of digital data; a storage infrastructure non-thing-thing (meta-data)

This cloud is: here-now-morphing-gone; not a cloud, o rain (ode to)

This cloud is: allowing a lot of light through

This cloud is: not letting light through (mental health triangles)

This cloud is: ... (fake)

THIS CLOUD IS. (realness)

THIS CLOUD IS QUEERING! is a 6 month creative project facilitated by choreographic artist val smith, for the Caroline Plummer Fellowship in Community Dance at University of Otago. The project has explored a process of mapping queer, trans and gender diverse experiences of public spaces engaging Dunedin’s rainbow communities in one-on-one walks, conversations, community building experiments, workshops, studio research, site-based tests and somatic performance methodologies.

As the project’s culminated event, This Cloud Is, in partnership with Urban Dream Brokerage, will occupy George Street’s Underground Market for 2 weeks from June 6-20th in a participatory residency. 

The residency offers Dunedin’s citizenry multiple ways to engage with the creative practices, including an experimental process of digitally mapping embodied experiences of public spaces in and around the Underground Market. There will be a roaming performance installation event on June 19th, with collaborative contribution by local performers and artists, including sound artist Eves who returns from Melbourne to perform live.

The Underground Market will be open during specified hours throughout the residency. 

For details on This Cloud Is join the Facebook event This Cloud Is, Facebook page THIS CLOUD IS QUEERING! or follow thiscloudis on Instagram for digital archiving of #queerfeelings #queerephemera #queerchoreography 

This Cloud Is
a) a performance event finalising 2 weeks of #queeringspace in The Underground Market on George Street, from 5-19 JUNE in partnership with Urban Dream Brokerage.

b) a participatory residency that invites the public into a process of digitally mapping their embodied experiences of public space.

c) a present-ing of digital and realness data archives as #queerfeelings #queerephemera and #queerexperiences in #queerspace as particles of This Cloud Is.


Collaborators / Performers: Ede Eves and a bunch of other folks tbc

Final event - 7.30-9pm Sunday June 19th.
Participatory residency hours - tbc (limited hours each day June 6-20)

Acknowledgements: Caroline Plummer Fellowship in Community Dance, Dance Studies, School of Physical Education Sport and Exercise Sciences, Otago University. Urban Dream Brokerage. Katrina Thomson. Leyton Glen.