Nov 10, 2009

not you, nor i, but both

‘Not you, nor I, but both', a relational dance performance event, consists of 4 new dance performance works where the focus of the works investigates perspectives on the-relationship-between performers, and between performers and audience. With various arrangements – a solo, a duet, a trio, and a group piece – each dance work explores a subjective understanding on aspects of the dynamics of the space-between and the intricacies of the relational realm of performativity.

After 6 months of ingoing studio collaboration together, 4 movement researchers and performance artists from Portland, Eugene and afar come together to present 4 new dance performance works of a “relational” nature.

The dance artists involved are Eugene’s Humdance (Val Smith & Stuart Phillips; somatic research, performance and practice), Portland’s TouchMonkey (Carolyn Stuart & Patrick Gracewood; researching Contact Improvisation for over 20 years), and guest artist, Megan Ransmeier (invitational artist, Collectively the artists have extensive backgrounds in Post-Modern dance traditions, somatic movement research, Performance Art, writing, Contact Improvisation, meditation practice, Sculpture, and body-work traditions.

Curated and produced by Val Smith ‘not you, nor I, but both’ is one night only at Fenario Gallery, Eugene, OR on December 12th, 2009.