Apr 21, 2010

after Appointments

I’m interested in
Social contexts, and the expectations that we have of and in social settings,

Spaces to see your self, like mirrors of memes

a context of ‘appointment room’
am i
Bodyworker, Minister/Shaman, Doctor, Counsellor….Teacher?
What is art?
Is this art?
community art
Community dance
Relational dance art

Names are spaces
and spaces are names

Outside of spaces and names are aces and ames

An appointment card with questions and choices and spaces for.
Does this set up certain kinds of expectations (of).
Expectations of these contexts not met?
Not attended to, by Me, ME. Who?

What is your experience of yourself, of me?
In a moment of expectation – what arises for you – attending to this material
Attending to what patterns in ourselves are being triggered, behavioral (?) – awkward, excitement, anger, pulling, desire for, abandonment, relief, nervous.

Where (in ourselves) do we occupy ourselves in an uncomfortable situation, - how do we embody ourselves and experience ourselves ?
Appointment with self.

note: everything is appropriate here.

A study of self – and an experiment with allowing other ways of being.
to be present – outside of social expectations, just being with what is, and being with the unknown, as it is knowing itself. through
What possibilities lie in this space, together, with.

Divining the divide
Feeling into the between space, the space between us,
What comes up here, now. Between us.
Being with that.
What is this divide – tuning, (forks) til harmonious resonating
So as communication can take place
At the level of energetic flow/pathways
Or perhaps somewhere else if not tapping,
Eyes seeing, and feeling what is.
It feels right to do this….or to do that….or nothing/all.

Divine (discover, deduce – infer, reason, figure out, work out, realize)

feeling into you,
is this into, or onto, my projections and assumptions and meaning/making/mind always activating itself.
divining ; Tarot, palms
Splitting the deck, and dividing, to lay down, some sparking


Expectations of social contexts,

How do you experience yourself in this context/did you, in this moment?


Bridges. Separation/s. (?)

Interstitial spaces
- the fluidity of meetings, connections, spaces.

How to Map Distance
- the space between.
measurements between you and i.
measuring feelings of awkwardness and ease,

Reports are; diagrams, compositions, paintings, voices.

Mapping intimacy – landmarks of connections.
How do we build connections with one another, building friendships, and new communities.
How do we deal with intimacy in the context of this, or that?
Communing with. with you, how do I know you and in what ways.

Dance art
Moving. With and within all of this.
I am moving me and I am moving you. We are moving space, worlds, and ways of ideas.
And this also.